Реле уровня E2713

Evikon MCI
  • Функции Min, Max, Min+Max, до 5 контрольных точек
  • Корпус полностью из нержавеющей стали
  • Разные виды контактов (NO, NC или переключающий)
  • Разъем M12 или кабельный вывод
  • Уровень воды и нефтепродуктов в баках


Magnetic float level switch E2713 is intended for control of liquids level in tanks. 

The instrument uses magnetic floats, moving along the stem, and reed switches, installed inside the stem at selected setpoints. Each reed switch is actuated when the float is positioned at the corresponding setpoint. The setpoint positions are specified at ordering and cannot be later adjusted by the user. 

E2713 may be ordered in several versions, providing Min, Max, Min+Max or up to five level setpoints. Options with various stem length, as well as normally open (NO), normally closed (NC) or switch-over (SO) contacts, are available. 

Thanks to wetted parts fully made of V2A grade stainless steel, the E2713 level switch may be used in various liquids including water, beverages, oils, fuel, and operates at fluid temperatures up to +130 °C.