Screw-in RTD sensors with terminal head ET511

Evikon MCI
  • For temperature measurement -50...+500 °C
  • Pt100 Class A or custom sensing element
  • A4 / AISI316L acid-proof steel protection tube
  • G1/2" or custom threaded process connection
  • 4-20 mA / 0-10 V analog or RS485 Modbus RTU digital


ET511 series industrial style screw-in RTD assemblies with terminal head are designed for measuring temperatures in liquids and gases.

Applications include HVAC and refrigeration, heating installations, ovens, furnaces and plant engineering, as well as industrial automation.

The standard version includes Pt100 class B sensing element with measurement range -50...+250 °C, process connection with G1/2" thread and DIN B type terminal head.

Depending on the application needs, many features can be supplied: platinum RTD sensing elements with specific nominal resistance and accuracy class for temperatures up to +500 °C or common thermistors, protection tubes of different size, various terminal heads, process connection fittings and outputs.


Sensing element
Pt100, Pt1000 class A or B according to EN 60751
Measurement range
-50...+250 °C or -50...+500 °C
Protection tube
1.4404 / AISI316L stainless steel
Ø6 mm, L80...380 mm
Protection class
IP55 as standard, up to IP67 on request
Terminal heads
DIN 43729 type B as standard
spherical type N with hinged lid on request
miniature type M on request
Ambient temperature
with screw terminal block -40...+100 °C
with transmitter -40...+75 °C
ceramic terminal block with 2 or 3-wire RTD connection
Transmitter option
analog 4-20 mA or 0-10 V
digital RS485 Modbus RTU
Mounting accessories
welded thread fitting